Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Lines


1.Mango & Kazusa - Asphalt Lines (Ryan Davis Interpretation)
2.Guy J - Easy As Can Be (Original Mix)
3.Dosem - Urban Forest (Rework)
4.Charlie May - Running Across A Busy Street (Original Mix)
5.Cid Inc. - Spacegulls (Henry Saiz Sirens Call Remix)
6.Affani - Yuma (James Harcourt Remix)
7.Stefan Vincent - Perceived Reality (Derek Howell Remix)
8.Riley Warren - Lost (Guido Sava & Matias Larrosa Remix)
9.Jorg Murcus - Jouissance (Eleke Kleijn Remix)
10.Funk D'Void - Flealife (Christian Smith Remix)
11.Mossy Feat. African Children Choir - The Light (Original Mix)

Time: 68:41

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Igor Djuranoly's Last Chart For 2010

1.Sei A - Meth II (Guy J Remix)/Turbo Recordings
2.Robert Babicz - Pink Trees (Original Mix)/Bedrock Records
3.Dub Dummies - Mantra (Phill Kieran Remix)/ISL
4.Marc Romboy - 616 Seconds (Christian Smith Remix)
/Herzblut Recordings
5.Cid Inc. - Magnify (Quivver Remix)/AlterImage Recordings
6.Max Cooper - Ripple (Marc Marzenit De Tardor Remix)/Traum
7.Butch - Joy (Part II)/Bouq
8.John Selway - Countenance
(Christian Smith & John Selway Dub)/Tronic
9.Chymera - Dreamrunner (Funk D'Void remix)/Outpost Recordings
10.Roger Martinez - Moment (Igor Djuranoly Remix)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remixes For Roger Martinez And Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile

As i said, recently i started to deal with music production, which is still at beginner level.For a short time and very low conditions i managed to make two remixes to which im not very proud but i hope that everything will eventually come on their own and that i would be much better as for music production concern.

Here is my remix for Roger Martinez's track called "Moment".You can find his amazing EP called "Novus Ordo" wich is released on Outside The Box label here.

Roger Martinez - Moment (Igor Djuranoly Remix) by Igor Djuranoly

And here is my remix of Hernan Cattaneo's And Soundexille's track called "Teleport"
The orignal track will come out soon at Sudbeat label.

Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Teleport (Igor Djuranoly Remix) by Igor Djuranoly

I would like to say that these are the remixes that have participated in competitions for which i have learned at
These remixes are only for listening and do not have permission to sell, distribute or multiply!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Limbo (Tracklist)

1.Aztec And Jemmy - The Annexe (Intropella)
2.Ormatie - Mon Etoile (Original Mix)
3.Santorini - Supersoul (Bearweasel Lazy Dub)
4.Ooft - Yeah (Jay Shepheard Off Beat Remix)
5.Fritz Kalkbrenner - Facing The Sun (Sascha Funke Remix)
6.Matthias Vogt - I Dreamed The Impossible
(Wiretappeur's Playground Remix)
7.Soundexile - The Unknown (Simon Garcia's Mioxam Remix)
8.Darko Esser - Dobro Jutro (Warren Fellow Diep Mix)
9.Bas Amro - Le Huitieme Arrondissement (Original Mix)
10.Manuel Sofia - An Endless Forest (Robert Babicz Mix)
11.Dirty Doering - I Would (Original Mix)
12.Ripperton - At Peace (Original Mix)

Time: 69:23

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Chart For November 2010

1.Petar Dundov - Distant Shores (Original Mix)/Music Man Records
2.Johnd Digweed,Nick Muir - Bilder (Wiretappeur Remix)
/Bedrock Records
3.Whebba - Mammut (Original Mix)/Bedrock Records
4.Ben Klok - Wolf (Original Mix)/Ostgun Ton
5.Egbet - Open (Original Mix)/Cocoon Recordings
6.Psycatron,Blake Baxter - She Is Music (Hypnogroove Mix)
/Planet E Communications
7.Funk D' Void - Italoca (Original Mix)/Outpost Recordings
8.Jeff Bennett - Zarciac (Original Mix)/Regular
9.Pig & Dan - Addiction (Jerome Sydenham Remix In Version)
/Ground Factory Records
10.The Timewriter - Push Push (Original Mix)/8Bit

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Terminal

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Terminal (Tracklist)

1.Exoplanet - Artefact (Original Mix)
2.Jim Rivers - By Any Means (Paul Loraine Remix)
3.Ron Deacon - Sunday Walk (Sascha Dive's PanoraMix)
4.M.O.D.E. - Circles (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
5.Mobilize - Deep Silence (Rework 2010)
6.Nomad In The Dark - Shine Like A Poor Man (In Plain Sight Remix)
7.Psycatron - Celestial Circuits (Original Mix)
8.Pete Heller - Nu Acid (Robert Babicz Smiling Remix)
9.Marco Bailey - Pet Shop Bitch (Christian Smith Remix)
10.John Digweed & Nick Muir - Bilder (Original Mix)
11.Pole Folder - Motel (Original Mix)

Total Time: 72:28

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monster Chart For October 2010

1.Umek And Beltek - Back In The Race/Cr2 Records
2.Alan Fitzpatrick - Involve/Bedrock Records
3.Sistol,Vladislav Delay - Kojo (John Tejada Remix)/Halo Cyan
4.Gregor Tresher - Sidewinder/Drumcode
5.Christian Smith - System Of Survival (Dub Mix)/Bedrock Records
6.Charlie May,Barry Jamieson - Homecoming
(Sasha & Dimitri Nakov Remix)/Mayhem
7.Cid Inc,Lank - Our Benefactors (King Unique Remix)/microCastle
8.Mei Finegold,Audio Junkies - Deeper/Audio Therapy
9.Dirty Doering - I Would (Marcus Meinhardt Remix)/BAR25
10.Green Velvet - La La Land (Original Remastered)/Cajual Records

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Progressive Motions 027/Guest Dj Igor Djuranoly

Progressive Motions with Daniel Kasten

''DJ and producer Igor Djuranoly checks in for our september guest mix on PROGRESSIVE MOTIONS.His brand and fusion of progressive and tech is unparalleled and is sure to keep your head bobbing.''

Guest Mix For Progressive Motions (Tracklist)

1.Maurice Aymard - Put Some For Jules (Gui Boratto Striped Mix)
2.Steve Mill - Gemma Calls (Original Mix)
3.Sebastian Russell - Slowly The Tears Travel (Original Mix)
4.Francois Dubois - Tenori (Vince Watson Remix)
5.Leon Raes - Aruba Garden (Eleke Kleijn Space Mix)
6.Funk D' Void - Flealife (Original Mix)
7.Roger Martinez - My World (Original Mix)
8.Jimpster - Dangly Panther (Joris Voorn's Black Panther Mix)
9.Nick Sandler & Robbie Pardoel - Instanatly Over (Original Mix)

Total Time: 56:30

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Igor Djuranoly's September 2010 Top 10

1.Zoo Brazil - Match (OD Muzique & Mark Holmes Remix)
/SCI+TEC Digital Audio
2.Francois Dubois - Tenori (Original Mix)/Urbantorque
3.Silicone Soul - Dogs Of Les Ilhes
(Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)/Soma Records
4.Egbet,Secret Cinema - Bier (Original Mix)/Gem Records
5.Marco Bailey And Tom Hades - Ropongii (Original Mix)
/MB Elektronics
6.John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite
(Christian Smith Remix)/Bedrock Records
7.Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik (Version 1)
/Systematic Recordings
8.Roger Martinez - Bsides (Original Mix)/Discoteca Music
9.Paul Kieran, Native Feat. Mark Nunan - Torn (Original Mix)/Looq
10.The Chemical Brothers - Swoon
(Lindstorm & Prins Thomas Remix Edit)/Hed Kandi Recordings

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Chronos

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Chronos (Tracklist)

1.Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks - July (Manuel Sofia Remix)
2.Marmion - Schoeneberg (Donnacha Castello Remix)
3.Neil Quigley - Aerica (Original Mix)
4.Sun Control Species - Serenaii (Antix Remix)
5.Ian O' Donovan - Horizons (Original Mix)
6.Spooky - Little Bullet (Ballistic Mix)
7.Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment Remix)
8.Marc Marzenit - Unexpiritualized (Pete Heller Remix)
9.Henry Saiz - Unmei (Original Mix)
10. Chymera - Pump (Original Mix)

Total Time: 71:15

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Chart For July And August 2010

August Top 10

1.Monaque - Resolutions (Spooky Remix)/microCastle Music
2.Glenn Morrison - Colosseum (Original Mix)/Morrison Recordings
3.Tomomi Ukumori,Soundexile,Hernan Cattaneo - Cripsis
(Quivver Remix)/Sudbeat
4.Moguai - Oyster (Moguai's Lyve At Brixton Re-Edit)
/Mau5trap Recordings
5.Adam Beyer - Filthy Lobster (Original Mix)/Drumcode
6.Pig & Dan - The Ride (Original Mix)/Cocoon Recordings
7.Mauro Picotto - Motion (Umek Remix)/Alchemy
8.John Digweed,Nick Muir - Meteor (Original Mix)/Bedrock Records
9.Marc Marzenit - Neo Galaxy (Original Mix)/Bedrock Records
10.Moderat - Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)/BPitch Control

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July Top 10

1.Cirez D - Exit (Original Mix)/Mousville
2.Glitter - Bad Dreams (Original Mix)/Bosphorus Underground
3.Jay Lumen - Do Not Cross (Original Mix)/100% Pure
4.Quivver - In Your Boat (Original Mix)/Bedrock Records
5.Dom Kane - Sweet & Low (Subfractal Re-Interpretation)
/Xeton Records
6.FM Radio Gods - 333 (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)/Baroque Records
7.Abyss - Amore (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Gracia Remix)/Sudbeat
8.Christian Smith - Flyertalk (Wehbba Remix)/Bedrock Records
9.Pryda - The End (Original Mix)/Pryda Recordings
10.Ned Coleman - Uncovered (Original Mix)/Flying Flowers

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Exit Music Conference 2010

Hi all, lately i have not been active on my blog as well as other online communities because of the different circumstances of which i do not want to talk,so i shall apology to all the people who follow my work and listen to my music.Despite all the events that are beyond me,this summer i experienced an incredible experience that i thought it would never achieve.Most of you has probably heard of Exit, the biggest music festival in the Balkan and i will be free to say in Europe.This year i was part of this festival because i was attended the Exit Music Conference, where i had the opportunity to meet,work and exchange experiences with big names in electronic music world.Conference lasted three days,from the beginning in 19:00 hours and consisted of various panels in which we are discussed the current state of electronic music in the world and master classes in which Dj's showed their skills on the equipment they use in live performances,music they play and other tricks.Let's see what happened to those three days and who was at the conference!


The day on which the music conference has began.In addition to the team that has realized this music conference,we are welcomed from PR menager of Exit festival and introduced to a program.After that has came the panel that was named Dance Music Forecast:Genre cycle and tech reality.Moderator of this panel was Filip Milosevic also known as Dj Flip and special guests of this panel were: Juha (Viral Radio),Nik Torrens (Resident Advisor) and Christine Kakaire (Resident Advisor).After debate and presentation of different views on electronic music in the world it came a master class given by Dj Juha (Viral Radio,Amsterdam)The name of the masster class was Hyperrhythm:Know your music and prepare to improvise.Juha showed us how he mix music and introduced us to the world of dubstep, musical direction, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world.After the master hours i had the opportunity to play in a hole which led to the main room where the conference is maintained.On the first day of Exit festival on the twenty-five stages it was performed a large number of artists including:Bad Brains,LCD Soundsystem,Dj Shadow,Dj Juha,Miike Snow,Rustie,Chromero,Crookers,Erol Alkan,Boys Noize,Jesse Rose & Henrik Schwarz and many more.


The name of the panel was Artist Promotion:How to break through.The theme of this panel was very important to me because i live in a small environment where there is not much room for electronic music.In addition, it was very interesting to listen to stories of different artists and the way in which they break through, and presented themselves to the world and jokes that made Josh Wink.Moderator of this panel was Rajko Bozic and guest was: Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings),Femke Dekker (Journalist) and Jonty Skrufff (Dj & journalist).In this panel we can ask different questions that interested us and after the end of the panel we were able to meet with guests.After I met with Jonty Skrufff,he gave me a CD with his mix called "Nightstalker" which is in addition to being a good mix, good memorie to Exit and everything that happened in these four days.This time master clas was designed to be different than usual.It was called The Other Side Of Music and consisted of visits to Dance Arena,the second stage in a row at the Exit festival.There we meet a team of people that is responsible for the implementation of sound,video and other effects and the way how they do it explain to us Rastko Andric (Exit) and Marcus Dalmeida.On the second day of Exit performed:The Horrors,Placebo,Ida Engberg,Moderat,Bahemoth,Joker & MC Nomad,Jonty Skrufff & Fidelity Kastrow,Josh Wink,Ricardo Villaobos,Skip & Die and many more.


Theme of the last day of the Exit music conference was Music As A Product.Moderator Sagor Meskovic and guest Laetitia Decouens (Decked Out) and Daneil Cole (Beatport) was clarify what it is in fact a product of music and explain to us the whole process of opening music label.Daniel has told us how actually works Beatport and Laetitia has explain to us what we need to do in order to attract attention of booking agencies.Master Class was given from Dj Ahmaad and he showed us some moves that was truly astonishing.After his master class,Catarina Aimee Dahms (Skip & Die) showed us how she mix video live with the music of other artists.The third day of the festival featured performances by the following artists:Klaxons,Royksoop,Riva Star,Laidback Luke,David Guetta,Dirty South,Solomun,Kultur Shock,Rui Da Silva,The Exploited,Brodinski,The Twelwes and many more.

After completion of the Exit music conference i do not rest nothing else than to enjoy the sounds of the performers who played on the last night of the festival and they were:The Chemical Brothers,Pendulum,Faith No More,Crystal Castles,A Trak,Busy P,SebastiAn,Foreign Beggars,dBrige & SP:MC...
All in all it was an unforgettable experience and a great success as for me and my music career.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Igor Djuranoly's "Late" June Chart

1.Guy Gerber - Lost You Like A Chinese Cookie
(Original Mix)/Supplement Facts
2.John Tejada - Flight At Night (Original Mix)/Palette Recordings
3.Kev Obrien - Valentines And 909s (MANIK's 808s Remix)
/Deep Vein Audio
4.Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Hypnotica Remix)/Tronic
5.Alan Fitzpatrick - Xerrox Structure (Original Mix)/Drumcode
6.Pig & Dan - Cubes (Spektre Remix)/Yoshitoshi
7.Perfect Stranger - Living In The Past (Magitman Remix)
/Tribal Vision Records
8.Antix - Let The Right One In
(Soundexile And Hernan Cattaneo Remix)/Iboga Records
9.Abe Duque - Hypocrisy (John Digweed & Nick Muir Dub Mix)
/Process Recordings
10.Technasia - Esperance (Long Mix)/Technasia Records

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chart For May 2010

1.Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins (Tom Middleton Remix)
/Double Six Records
2.Booka Shade - Teenage Spaceman (Exclusive Beatport Mix)
/Get Physical Music
3.Compuphonic - Ovale (Original Mix)/Factor City Unlimited
4.16 Bit Lolitas - Singularity (Original Mix)/Anjunadeep
5.Medway & Luke Porter - RTFM (Cid Inc. Remix)/microCastle
6.Phil Kieran - Never Ending Mountain (Patrick Kunkel Remix)
/Cocoon Recordings
7.Steve Mill - Vive La Resistance (Original Mix)/Mistique Digital
8.SQL - Leisure Battery (Soundprank Remix)/Spherax
9.Pryda - Viro (Original Mix)/Pryda Recordings
10.Moby - Wait For Me (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)/Little Idiot

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly's Top 10 Picks For April 2010

1.Pryda - Inspiration (Original Mix)/Pryda Recordings
2.Cristian Paduraru - Inspiring Electronic Music
(Nickolas & G Spice Aerobic House Mix)/Worldwide Exclusive Records
3.Moonbeam - Tokyo Dragon (Roger Martinez Remix)/Proton Music
4.Henry Saiz - They Came From The Light
(Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)/Natura Sonoris
5.Jori Hulkkonen - I am Dead (Guy J Remix)/Turbo Recordings
6.Motorcitysoul Feat. Onejiru - Mbali
(Jerome Sydenham's Vocal Dub Mix)/Ibadan Records
7.Grafiti - Spooky Trains (Nick Warren's Back Of The Bob Dub)
/Hope Recordings
8.Darko Esser - Balans (Andre Lodemann Remix)/Wolfskuil Records
9.Kuniyuki Takahashi,Henrik Schwarz - Once Again
(Kuniyuki Version)/Mule Musiq
10.The Timewriter - Love Is Beautiful (Francois Dubois Remix)
/Plastic City

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Igor Djuranoly March 2010 Top 10

1.Josh Wink - Hypnoslave (Pascal Feos & D. Diggler Remix)
/Ovum Recordings
2.Peter Horrevorts - Bloody Hands (Marc Marzenit Monster Remix)
/GEM Records
3.Darren Emerson, JamieMc Hugh - Where We Came From
(John Tejada Remix)/Variance Recodings
4.Hybrid - Break My Soul (Hybrid's Kill City Sounds Dub 01)
/Distinct'ive Records
5.King Unique - 2000000 Suns (Original Mix)/Bedrock Records
6.Anton Pieete - Siberian (Original Mix)/Intacto Records
7.Damabiah - Sur Les Genoux D L' Automne (Original Mix)
/Natura Sonoris
8.Way Out West - The Gift (Gui Boratto's Fallopian Remix)
9.Sebastian Russell - Slowly The Tears Travel (Original Mix)
/Men In Armour
10.Stimming, Ben Watt & Julia Biel - Bright Star (Sunset Mix)
/Buzzin' Fly

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Different Reality

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Different Reality (Tracklist)

1.FUSE - Intro (From Our Minds To Yours) (Tiefschwarz Remix)
2.Andre Lodemann - Vehemence Of Silence
(Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective)
3.Saints And Sinners - Out Of Africa (African Acid Dub Mix)
4.Roland M. Dill - Low Go (Secret Cinema's Dusk Till Dawn Remix)
5.Green & Falkner - Satisfaction (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
6.Stefny - Echinodon
(Flourishs Tarchia Othnielia Ingenia Memeory Ash Remix)
7.Henry Saiz - They Came From The Light
(Into The Bliss 2010 Version)
8.Billy Dalessandro - Your Touch (Alexander Kowalski Remix)
9.Phonique Feat. Erlend Oeye - For The Time Being
(Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks Remix)
10.Massive Attack Feat. Hope Sandoval - Paradise Circus
(Gui Boratto Remix)
11.Gui Boratto - No Turning Back
(Wighnomy's Likkalize Love Rekksmi)

Total Time: 79:59

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly's February Chart

Matthias Tanzmann - Chano (Second Mix)/Moon Harbour Recordings
2.M.A.N.D.Y. Vs. Booka Shade - Donut (Bearweasel's Lazy Dub)/Living The Dream
3.Danny Bonicci,Anthony Pappa,Phil K - Blending With The Ether (Nomad In The Dark Remix)/Audio Therapy
4.Cirez D - On Off (Sebastien Leger Remix)/Mouseville
5.Itamar Sagi - Common Sense (Original Mix)/Drumcode
6.Erphun - Katana (Loco & Jam Remix)/AlterImage Recordings
7.Darren Emerson - Home (Original Mix)/Global Underground
8.Alexander Kowalski - Puesta de Sol (Original Mix)
/Factor City Records
9.Yousef - Firecracker (Nic Fanciulli Remix)/Saved Records
10.Vincent Casanova - A Lost Warmth (Original Mix)/Mina Records

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Traveller

Dj Igor Djuranoly - Traveller (Tracklist)

1.Dubfunk - Joy (Original Mix)
2.Patch Park - Curb (Original Mix)
3.Daniel Leseman - No Small Talk (Roger Martinez Remix)
4.Alex Dolby - City Shark (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
5.Beckers & Hatfield - Mind Rape (Quivver Remix)
6.Perfect Stranger - Prata Da Casa (Spektre Remix)
7.Od Muzique, Mark Holmes - Jungle Pixies (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
8.Umek & Jay Lumen - Sinful Ladies (Original Mix)
9.Zoo Brazil - For A Friend (Zoo Brazil Remix)
10.Simon Garcia - Electric Zoo (Original Mix)
11.Applescal - Avoiding Mental Lazyness (Russian Linesman Remix)

Total Time: 75:18

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dj Igor Djuranoly's Chart For January 2010

1.Seth Troxier & Mattew Dear - Hurt
(Martinez Dark Soul Remix)/Spectral Sound
2.Perfect Stranger - Parta Da Casa
(Riktam & Bansi Remix)/Flow Vinyl
3.Cirez D - Glow (Original Mix)/Mouseville
4.Roland M. Dill - Low Go
(Secret Cinema's Dusk Till Dawn Remix)/Trapez
5.Psycatron - Directions
(Matt Nordstrom & Orlando Villegas Remix)/Tronic
6.Gabe & Christian Smith - Fidelidade (Original Mix)/Tronic
7.Audiofly - Formula Juan (Original Mix)/8Bit
8.Alain Ho Feat. Marlene - Je Pense A Toi
(Florian Kruse & Nils Nurnberg Remix)/Composite Records
9.16 Bit Lolitas - Smoke Signals (Original Mix)/Anjunadeep
10.Om Unit - Encoded (Original Mix)/Fabric