Thursday, April 4, 2013

Greenmix - Episode 24

Hello everyone! This is the 24th episode, and after this one Greenmix will go to break. Because of many commitments I am unable to fully dedicate myself to music, so i decided to take a break for a few months.
I hope that you enjoyed in the previous episodes. As always, thanks for listening and support, meant a lot to me... take care and stay well!


1. Sunshine Jones - Fall Down (Nomad In The Dark Ambient Path)
2. Darin Epsilon - Shine The Light (Ryan Davis Reconstruct)
3. Spada - Happy End (Original Mix)
4. Inkfish - Undercover (Melodic Mix)
5. Deepfunk & Kassey Voorn - Long Time Coming (Original Mix)
6. Sivesgaard -  Half Dreaming (Inxec Remix)
7.  MUUI - Tsssh (Progress Inn Remix)
8. Sasch - Marian (Marc Poppcke Remix)
9.  Fran Von Vie - Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed
 (Audiotox & Watson Remix)
10. Eelke Kleijn - Eenvoud (Navar Remix)